Our Mission

To create innovative and distinctive products that help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of their development.

Our Promise/Values

Since our inception in 2002, Cloud b has mastered the art of creating plush toys with a purpose, developing engaging products "where good sleep begins." Innovative in design, unique in function and above all, memorable when experienced, Cloud b has become a trusted name among parents, grandparents, and caretakers worldwide.

Here’s our promise to you - what you can expect when you join us on Cloud b:

  • Peace of mind. Your baby will sleep better. YOU will sleep better. Your family will function better. And, our amazing customer support team will take outstanding care of you if we’re not living up to your dreams. 
  • Attention to (delightful) details. We never stop dreaming up new things. We thrive on finding new ways to calm and comfort, to inspire conversations and connections, to create memories. And, our devotion to innovation is matched by our passion for design and style. Cloud b uses only the finest materials to ensure the quality and safety that your child deserves.
  • Charity. A good night’s rest is really one of the best gifts we can give our children, and ourselves every day. We passionately believe that all children deserve this gift and because of this, we’re committed to working with organizations that help families in need. Recent partnerships include:
    • The Great Sprouts Tuck-in, a program that donates bedtime books and pajamas to children in need.
    • Max’s Love Project, to which we’ll provide Twilight Turtles to children dealing with cancer.  Max’s Love Project was created to honor SuperMax Wilford, a five-year-old brain cancer-fighting SuperKid. Max’s Twilight Turtle helped him overcome his fear of the dark and he believed the green stars were magical “healing” stars.  Cloud b is donating product to help other children feel the inspiration and support he feels from those stars.

Who knew a sleep driven mission could be so powerful? We certainly hope you’ll join us on Cloud b.