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SuperMax is the tiny turtle with BIG stars! Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand but big enough to fill an entire bedroom with a starry night sky. SuperMax the Turtle has three calming color options to soothe little ones to sleep no matter where bedtime lands. As seen on The View and in the New York Times.

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SuperMax the Turtle is a unique nightlight designed specifically to help soothe children and promote the healing process. Inspired by courageous 8-year-old Max Wilford, an incredible little boy who is battling brain cancer, Super Max the Turtle features the same glowing starlight projections of the original Twilight Turtle.™ Made entirely of plastic that's easy to keep clean, it's adaptable for use in day care settings, hospitals, at home or on the go!


  • Projects a starry night sky
  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Compact and portable, it's a great on-the-go travel companion
  • 45 minute auto shut off timer ensures complete darkness during your child's deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
  • Sweet smile modeled on Max's own
  • Projects and cycles through 3 soothing color options automatically: blue, green and red

What's in the Box:

  • Super Max The Turtle
  • Storybook that brings Super Max to life and empowers the Superhero in every child.
  • 3 "AAA" batteries (Yes! Batteries are included!)

A Little Hero on a Big Mission

After returning home from brain surgery in 2011, Max was very afraid of the dark despite the four nightlights in his room. His mother, Audra, bought him Cloud b's Twilight Turtle™, hoping its soothing star projections would help. Max immediately identified the green stars as “healing” stars and held the Turtle up to the back of his head and said “Look mommy, I'm healing!” Wanting to make a difference in the lives of all kids fighting childhood cancers, the real “Super Max” inspired the creation of the MaxLove Project; a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancers.

Working with the MaxLove Project and through feedback from health professionals, Cloud b developed this perfect compact companion to help ALL children feel calm, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

SuperMax the Turtle not only makes a great gift for children of all ages, but in honor of Max Wilford and his stand to make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer, a portion of proceeds from all purchases will be donated to the MaxLove Project. Since 2011, MaxLove Project and Cloud b have distributed approximately $250,000 worth of Twilight Turtles™ to kids fighting cancer and diseases around the world.

How SuperMax Can Help You

Sleep is the foundation of healing and optimal health. SuperMax the Turtle is designed to help children get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer by creating a calming environment which young children can control. We encourage caregivers to show children how SuperMax works so they can choose their favorite color.

We also encourage caregivers to help children develop their own stories for each of the turtle's light colors. How doe blue make you feel? What powers does green have for you? When do you most feel like using the red stars?

What will be your child's story?

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