Satin Trim Burp Cloth Set - Sleep Sheep®


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These convenient 100% cotton double layer burp cloths are great sweater savers for mom and dad – and look good while you're being “spilled” on.

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What a sweet little gift set! These attractive and convenient 100% cotton double layer burp cloths are great sweater savers for mom and dad. They fit nicely on one’s shoulder or lap and are compact for easy diaper bag storage. And, our adorable plush quiet rattles are specially designed for the smallest hands and sensitive ears.


  • 100% cotton double layered burpies
  • Three burp cloths in natural with satin trim
  • Soft and super-absorbent "burpies" fit nicely on shoulder or lap.
  • Comes with one of three Sleep Sheep and Friends plush quiet rattle

What’s in the Box:

  • Three burp cloths
  • Plush quiet rattle

Life Savers

Babies aren’t exactly the cleanest little creatures, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear their messes! With a burp cloth, parents can get out in the world with baby, and not bring 3 sets of spare clothes. Soft and ultra-absorbent, these burpies are versatile and practical gifts for any new parent. And, for baby, an adorable plush “quiet” rattle whose noise is dampened to save mom and dad’s sanity. We tried to think of everything!

Care & Handling

These burp cloths are super absorbent and can mop up a decent amount of mess. After a hard days work, throw the burpie into the wash and wake up to a fresh new day!

Makes a Great Gift

There is no getting around the inevitable mess that comes with babies. New parents will be singing your praises for saving their shirts (literally) with this gift set.

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