(Las Vegas, NV) September 8, 2014 – Cloud b and MaxLove Project teamed up today to introduce the new Super Max the Turtle. The compact companion is inspired by the courageous 7-year-old Max Wilford, an incredible little boy who has been battling brain cancer for three years and is taking a stand to make a difference in the lives of all kids fighting childhood cancers.  

Working with MaxLove Project and through feedback from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Cloud b developed the new Super Max the Turtle to honor Max and to help ALL children feel strong and calm, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

“Super Max the Turtle is our little hero on a big mission,” says Cloud b CEO Linda Suh.  “Here at Cloud b, it’s been our mission to develop products that help children sleep safely, have fun and improve the health, happiness and well-being of the entire family.  We never dreamed it could have an impact like this.”

The new Super Max the Turtle (featuring a sweet smile modeled on Max’s own) has been fashioned to feature the same glowing starlight projections of the original Twilight Turtle that first provided comfort to Max.  It eases fear of the dark for all kids as it projects blue, amber or green stars from its shell. Kids can choose one color or set the Turtle to morph through all three colors.  This new compact version is just the right size for kids to take it anywhere they need. It’s all plastic and easy to keep clean, too, so it’s adaptable for use at home, on-the-go, hospitals and child care centers. And just like the original, Super Max the Turtle has a 45-minute auto shut-off timer that ensures complete darkness during children’s deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians.

An included booklet features the story of Max the Turtle for parents to read to their little ones – an important element in establishing a bedtime routine to help ease children off to sleep.  The sweet story tells how a regular turtle became SuperMax, a rainbow-caped super hero shining his light wherever he goes healing those who need it most and lighting up even the darkest night.

In honor of Max and his stand to make a difference in the lives of all kids fighting childhood cancers, Cloud b is donating a portion of its proceeds to the MaxLove Project, the foundation established to empower families fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions with whole-body wellness resources, education and research.  They believe that true health starts when families are empowered to be active partners in their child’s healing.

MaxLove Project was founded by Max’s parents Audra and Justin when Max first came home from more than three weeks in the hospital after brain surgery in August 2011.  He was very afraid of the dark, even with four night lights glowing in his room!  Audra brought home Cloud b’s Twilight Turtle hoping that its soothing stars projections would do the trick. Max immediately identified with the green stars as “healing” stars - a part of the fighting/healing story his parents had created focusing on green food, green drinks and green energy, all to help a SuperKid like Max really fight the bad guys (cancer).  Max was thrilled by the “healing stars” and held the Turtle up to the back of his head - green stars glowing - and said “Look mommy, I’m healing.”  That’s when Audra and Justin knew they had to take this remarkable act of empowerment to the next level. They decided right then and there to find a way to share these amazing toys with other SuperKids fighting cancer.

Audra wrote to Cloud b requesting support to purchase Twilight Turtle at a discounted rate to send to children fighting cancer across the nation.  Instead, the company’s CEO said they’d DONATE all the product.  That’s when Audra realized she had a movement and started the MaxLove Project. Since then, they have teamed up to donate and distribute more than $100,000 worth of Twilight Turtles to SuperKids fighting cancer and related rare diseases around the world.  

“We have seen first-hand, time and time again, the therapeutic value of Cloud b's products, both with our own children and those we serve in hospitalized and critical care settings,” says Ms. Wilford. “The Twilight Turtle is more than a toy, more than a nightlight. It's magical, therapeutic, and immediately helps children feel safe and at ease, facilitating the essential healing that comes with the sleep process. We've been incredibly fortunate to be a part of this collaboration, to bear witness to story after story of how the Cloud b products help children in need in the most vulnerable and critical medical situations.”  

Super Max the Turtle, for kids of all ages, will be available in November for $22.95 at specialty retailers and www.cloudb.com.

About Cloud b:

Founded in 2002, the company is a pioneer in creating products and programs designed to help children sleep. Cloud b products soothe and comfort children, which, in turn, give peace of mind to parents – and strengthen the bond between them. The company has become a trusted name with parents worldwide with award-winning products that are developed in consultation with an Advisory Board of pediatricians and specialists.  Cloud b is best known for the popular Twilight Turtle™ and Sleep Sheep™. For more information, please email info@cloudb.com or call 888-4CLOUDB. Follow Cloud b on Facebook www.facebook.com/cloudb and on Twitter: @cloud_b.

About MaxLove Project:

Inspired by SuperMax Wilford, a seven-year-old superhero fighting brain cancer, MaxLove Project is a 100% volunteer-powered, grassroots nonprofit organization founded to help SuperKids thrive against cancer and life-threatening conditions. Our mission is to provide families fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions with accessible, practical, and kid-friendly whole-body wellness. Our ultimate goal is to support SuperKids in overcoming the odds—to thrive in treatment and beyond. We believe that all kids should have full access to every cancer-fighting tool available, including excellent nutrition and therapeutic resources such as acupuncture, physical activity, and healing narratives.MaxLove Project equips families to thrive within the pediatric healthcare system of today—where the standard of care for most life-limiting illnesses does not include essential integrative therapies—as we work to change the system of tomorrow. We are a community of dedicated change makers who believe in the power of integrative health care for all children.

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