I have changed the batteries but my Tranquil Turtle unit will not turn on.

Confirm the power switch is in the "on" position. If power is on and the unit will still not function, please proceed as follows:

  1. Slide the power switch back to the "off" position
  2. Remove the battery compartment door
  3. Check for corrosion or fabric on or in between the battery and contacts inside the battery compartment
  4. If the contacts look corroded, cleaning the contact with a scotchbrite pad or steel wool can help clean the contact for better conductivity
    • Pieces of the plush fabric used for the skin of the twilight unit may get caught in the contact. Please remove any loose fibers in and around the contacts
  5. Confirm the batteries are in the proper positive and negative positions inside the battery compartment
  6. Confirm that the batteries have been completely "snapped" into the battery compartment
  7. Re-insert the battery compartment door and fasten
  8. Slide the power switch on the bottom of the unit back to the "on" position
  9. If all of the above has been checked and the unit will still not turn on, it may be an issue with the new batteries
    • Try a brand with a longer neck on the positive end of the battery. The longer neck will make better contact with the battery terminals. We recommend Rayovac batteries.
  • NOTE: If none of the above recommendations work and you product is still within warranty, please contact Cloud b Customer Care.