I am trying to change the batteries and the screw will not come out of the battery door on my Tranquil Turtle - The screw spins and I can not get the door off.

NOTE: Even when the screw has been loosened, the screw on the battery door will not come completely out of the door. The threads on the screw hold it in place to keep the screw from being lost during a battery change. Sometimes the door may be very snug. If you have difficulty removing the door by pulling up on the tab, take a small flat head screwdriver, insert the tip of the screwdriver underneath the tab that holds the screw in place and gently apply pressure while lifting. This pressure should pop off the door. Please use the following instructions to take off the battery door.

  1. Seven full counterclockwise rotations with a Phillips Head Screwdriver should completely loosen the screw
  2. Lift up on the small black tab holding the screw after loosening. The battery door should lift off.