How do I change the batteries in the Twilight Turtle, Ladybug or Sea Turtle?

  1. Place unit on its back shell on a padded surface.
  2. Pull up on fabric flap on bottom of unit to expose the battery compartment.
  3. Check to make sure that power switch is in "off" position.
  4. With a Phillips Head Screwdriver, remove the single, small screw holding the battery door in place This screw is located next to the word "open" on the battery compartment door.
  5. Lift up on the small black tab with upward pressure while unscrewing.
  6. Remove old batteries.
  7. Install new AAA batteries. Please confirm that you have placed the batteries into the proper positive and negative orientation as identified in the battery compartment.
    Please confirm that the batteries have been completely "snapped" into the battery compartment.
    *CAUTION: Improper battery installation may cause the unit to short circuit or malfunction.
  8. Re-install the battery compartment door.
  9. Tighten the screw to secure the battery compartment door.
    *Note - Please do not over tighten the screws. Over tightening the screws may cause the screw holes to strip.
  10. Replace fabric flap over battery compartment and press to fasten.
  11. Return the unit to upright positon.
  12. You are ready to use your Twilight Product.