How does my Twilight Turtle or Twilight Ladybug work?

  1. Place unit on its back shell on a soft surface to avoid scratches.
  2. Pull up on fabric flap on bottom of unit to expose battery compartment and on/off power switch.
  3. Slide power switch to "on" position.
  4. Replace fabric flap over battery compartment and press to fasten.
  5. Return unit to upright position.
  6. Press button with the "turtle shell pattern" to turn on the lights.
  7. Choose color to illuminate your childs room. The color choices are as follows:
    Twilight Turtle - Press the buttons labeled Amber, Green or Blue 
    Twilight Ladybug - Press the buttons labeled Red, Green or Blue
  8. Use the star guide and story book to learn about constellations with your child.
  9. Lights can be turned off manually by pressing the "turtle shell pattern" button once again. The lights will turn off automatically after 45 minutes.
  10. When you are not using the Twilight Turtle or Ladybug we recommend sliding the power switch at the bottom of the unit to the "off" position.
  11. If you do not use the unit for an extended period of time, please remove the batteries from the unit to avoid corrosion.
    *If batteries are left in any product for too long, the battery contacts can get corroded. This is not a manufacturer defect.