Sight & Sound Products

Sight & Sound Products - FAQ

  1. Twilight Turtle Tunes: How long will the battery last when it's not plugged in?
    A fully charged new battery lasts 6 hours. In Bluetooth mode, even after the music and stars have stopped, the Turtle stays awake and ready to play for 6 hours or until the battery is depleted whichever happens first. If music is restarted during this time period, the stars projection is also ... Read more
  2. I am trying to change the batteries and the screw will not come out of the battery door on my Tranquil Turtle - The screw spins and I can not get the door off.
    NOTE: Even when the screw has been loosened, the screw on the battery door will not come completely out of the door. The threads on the screw hold it in place to keep the screw from being lost during a battery change. Sometimes the door may be very snug. If you have ... Read more
  3. What materials are used to make Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Products?
    Plush Fabric Skins - 100% Polyester Filling - 100% Polyester (All filling is made of new materials) Top Shell - Acrylic Plastic Bottom Base - ABS Plastics Paint on Shell - All paints used are tested to meet ASTM, EU, Canadian and Australian Toy Safety Standards
  4. Twilight Turtle Tunes: How to connect to Bluetooth
    With the main power slider switch under the Turtle set to the ON position, turn the Turtle over. With the shell facing “up” and the Turtle’s tail pointing toward you, the far left button is the “ON” button. This button performs several functions depending on how many times you press it. First ... Read more
  5. How do I change the batteries in the Tranquil Turtle?
    Place unit on its back shell Pull up on fabric flap on bottom of unit to expose battery compartment and on/off power switch Check to make sure that power switch is in "off" position With a Phillips Head Screwdriver, unfasten the single small screw holding the battery door in place This screw is located above ... Read more
  6. How long will the Tranquil lights stay on?
    All Tranquil products will stay on for 23 minute cycles. After 23 minutes, the unit will automatically shut itself off. There is no way to disable the timer function.
  7. I have changed the batteries but my Tranquil Turtle unit will not turn on.
    Confirm the power switch is in the "on" position. If power is on and the unit will still not function, please proceed as follows: Slide the power switch back to the "off" position Remove the battery compartment door Check for corrosion or fabric on or in between the battery and contacts inside the battery ... Read more
  8. The Tranquil Turtle lights are starting to dim
    This means that the batteries are becoming drained. Change the batteries (Instructions below)
  9. Twilight Turtle Tunes: Is there a way to play music through Bluetooth but only project a single star color?
    At this time the Bluetooth mode is only available with star color morphing.
  10. How does my Tranquil Turtle work?
    Place unit on its back shell Pull up on fabric flap on bottom of unit to expose battery compartment and on/off power switch Slide power switch to "on" position Replace fabric flap over battery compartment and fasten Return unit to upright position Press power button to start projection of lights - (first button on left – ... Read more
  11. I have lost my "How to Use" manual - can I download it from your website?
    At this time, the manuals are not available on our website. Please feel free to contact Customer Care to request a replacement.
  12. Is there an option to keep the Tranquil Turtle light on all night?
    No. All Tranquil Turtle products are designed to shut off automatically after 23 minutes in order to preserve battery life.
  13. Twilight Turtle Tunes: Can I set the timer to turn the stars off?
    The star projections are programmed in 45 minutes cycles, and will stop at the end of the 45 minutes cycle during which the music timer stopped.
  14. Can the light bulbs in the Tranquil Turtle be replaced?
    No. All Tranquil Turtle products are equipped with long lasting LED lights providing up to 3,000 hours of illumination
  15. My Tranquil Turtle blinks, is this normal?
    The LEDs in some Tranquil products "blink" on and off to indicate that the batteries are weak and should be replaced.  Installing fresh batteries should restore normal operation. (Be sure to follow all battery installation instructions provided on the specific product packaging or in this FAQ.)