Sound Products

Sound Products - FAQ

  1. Are Cloud b sound products safe for all ages?
    Cloud b products comply with all safety standards and compliance testing worldwide and in place at this time. Persistent exposure to sound levels higher than those produced by Cloud b sound products have been shown to potentially harm hearing in newborn infants and hospitalized children. Not only are Cloud b products under ... Read more
  2. The pouch on my soothing sound product is too small, what to do?
    To keep the soundbox secure in your new product, the opening is designed to be very snug fit. In order to insert all sound boxes:   Undo the velcro tab located over the sound box pouch. Insert the bottom edge of the sound box into the pouch. Guide the top edge into the pouch. Press firmly ... Read more
  3. Is a soothing sound product suitable for my newborn/infant?
    All soothing sounds products are suitable for infants as outside crib attachments. They are designed to be attached outside of the crib. Out of concern for the risk of SIDS, current US pediatrician and state recommendations suggest that no object should be placed in an infant crib or cot as any ... Read more
  4. Can the sound boxes be set to continuously play?
    No. We have designed the sound boxes with these timer settings to help preserve battery life.
  5. What materials are used to make Cloud b Sound Products?
    Plush Fabric Skins - 100% PolyesterFilling - 100% Polyester (All filling is made of new materials)Sound Boxes - PS Plastics
  6. How does the sound box function?
    The Sleep Sheep, Sleep on the Go, Dozy Dolphin, Gentle Giraffe and Gentle Giraffe on the Go sound box functions as follows: Set Timer located below sound buttons on the side of the sound box. The sound box can be set to play for 23 or 45 minutes. After the designated period ... Read more
  7. How long will the sound boxes play?
    Mimicking Monkey - 30 minutes and then the sound box will automatically shut off.All other sound boxes can be set to play for 23 or 45 minute periods of time. After the designated amount of time has elapsed, the sound box will automatically shut off. There is no way to disable ... Read more
  8. How should my Cloud b Sound products be used?
    Attach the unit using the velcro strap to the outside of a crib, stroller or car seat.*Never place the unit inside the crib with a sleeping child.
  9. My sound box is making a "crackling" or "static" sound when activated, what to do?
    Change the batteries. Weak batteries may cause the sound to become distorted.
  10. I have changed the batteries but my sound box will not turn on, what to do?
    Review the following if the Sleep Sheep, Sleep on the Go, Dozy Dolphin, Gentle Giraffe and Gentle Giraffe on the Go Sound Box will not turn on after battery replacement:   Please confirm that the round volume knob has been turned clockwise and you have heard the "click" signaling activation. If the volume knob ... Read more
  11. Does Cloud b sell sound boxes separately?
    Yes. Sound Boxes can be purchased for $10 and that includes shipping within the continental U.S. Please contact Customer Care for details.
  12. How do I change the batteries in the sound box?
    Change the batteries in the Sleep Sheep, Sleep on the Go, Dozy Dolphin, Gentle Giraffe and Gentle Giraffe on the Go Sound Box as follows:   Make sure the unit is turned off. Place the unit on table with battery compartment facing up. With a Phillips Head Screwdriver, remove the two side by side screws ... Read more