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Bedding Products - FAQ

  1. How does the LullaBag help reduce risk factors associated with SIDS?
    While experts still do not know what causes SIDS, there are specific recommendations from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to reduce risk factors associated with SIDS. Experts advise parents to not use pillows or loose covers in the crib, to lay the baby on a single, tightly-fitted sheet, and to always ... Read more
  2. What other bedding should I use with my LullaBag?
    All you need is a fitted sheet over the mattress. The LullaBag lays directly on top of the fitted sheet. If baby is not quite warm enough, simply use slightly warmer sleepwear. Do not use a blanket or quilt in the crib with the  LullaBag.
  3. How does the Lullabag help babies sleep better?
    With traditional blankets or comforters, babies can kick off their covers, get cold and wake up crying. The LullaBag keeps baby warm, covered and sleeping through the night. Parents throughout Europe have used baby sleeping bags for years for this very purpose.
  4. When should my baby move up from the small to the large LullaBag?
    The large LullaBag is designed for babies 6-18 months old, but this will depend on the size of your baby. Just make sure that your baby is able to move her legs freely in the LullaBag. When she starts to run out of room in the bottom of the bag, move ... Read more
  5. Why doesn’t the LullaBag have sleeves? Won’t my baby get cold?
    To avoid overheating, experts recommend that the LullaBag not have sleeves. Even with traditional blankets,  babies arms are usually outside the covers. The open armholes provide ventilation to keep your baby comfortable while she sleeps.
  6. At what age should my baby begin to use a LullaBag?
    The small LullaBag is designed for babies to start using at one month. For newborns, use the LullaWrap—a unique, flannel swaddling blanket that keeps newborn babies secure, warm and safe. For a complete sleep solution for your baby, the LullaBag Sleep System™ includes the LullaWrap™ (newborns), small LullaBag™ (1-6 months) and large LullaBag™ ... Read more
  7. How should I wash and care for my LullaBag?
    The LullaBag is machine washable. Wash the product in cold water and then line dry or tumble dry low to prevent shrinkage.
  8. How many Lullabags should I buy?
    Parents we’ve talked to recommend at least one extra LullaBag for when “mistakes” happen in the middle of the night. If one LullaBag gets dirty, it’s a good idea to have a backup.
  9. What should my baby wear when sleeping in the LullaBag?
    This will depend on the temperature in the baby’s bedroom. Since the LullaBag is designed for warmth, do not overdress your baby—the LullaBag will help baby stay warm. A onesie or lightweight sleeper should be adequate. Put the baby in the LullaBag and then feel her stomach—if she’s too warm, use ... Read more