International Distributors

Cloud b distributors use the US marketing plan to develop their own country-specific campaigns for optimal success. We are very selective in choosing our distributors based on the following criteria:

  • extensive retail base in the wholesale and infant & toddler industry
  • experience with distribution channels
  • experience in launching a brand and in bringing a new range to market
  • experience in marketing and PR campaigns
  • experience with industry trade shows
  • ability to purchase large quantities of product for distribution to dept. stores, specialty boutiques, etc.
  • solid reputation 
  • strong financials
  • strong focus on building long-term, mutually profitable relationships
  • clear vision for growth

Our award-winning products have been successfully selling in specialty and “high-end” department stores in the USA, Canada, and Europe for the past 4 years. These stores include Bloomingdales, Harrods, Pottery Barn Kids, Signals - Sky Mall, and Red Envelope. Our turnkey brand and PR campaigns have helped quickly gain market awareness and position Cloud b products as Top 5 producers across all retail channels (brick & mortar, catalog, and online).

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