Genuine Cloud b Products

Cloud b has produced distinctive toys of the highest quality since 2002. When you choose to own or gift a Cloud b Twilight Turtle, Tranquil Turtle, Twilight Ladybug, Sleep Sheep, Gentle Giraffe or one of their toy friends you are not only choosing a gift with a purpose that, with care, will last for years, but you also get the reassurance that your Cloud b product was made using the best materials possible and is backed by Cloud b’s product warranty.

Counterfeits or copies are inevitably cheaply made imitations of our toys that do not offer the same quality that you are assured of with genuine Cloud b products. 

At Cloud b, the safety of your child is our primary concern.  All Cloud b products meet or exceed the Toy Safety Specification set forth by the United States, the European Union, Australia and Canada, and are re-certified each year and in addition to change mandated by regulatory evolution over time.  We inspect our products rigorously during all stages of manufacturing.  When manufacturing is complete, Cloud b then commissions a third party Inspection Company to test and ensure the final quality of our products before shipping. This is why we wanted to publish this page. You need to know that counterfeit toys are dangerous. 

Counterfeit copies of our toys are most likely illegally produced without following the strict labor laws and environmental practices that are a part of our core values. Manufacturing our products in a sustainable, ethical manner is as important to us as it is to you. Besides, it has come to our attention from our examination of counterfeit products that these can be truly dangerous. We have examined, documented and reported to the US government counterfeits with

  • mechanical faults: for example plastics shattering on impact, an ingestion risks especially for little ones under the age of 3
  • electrical : short circuits causing fires
  • banned chemicals: found in the printed circuit boards and  surface paints, and harmful to health


How to Tell a Genuine Cloud b product from a Counterfeit

The only way to be absolutely sure that the item you are buying is a genuine Cloud b product is to buy from an authorized Cloud b retailer, either online or at one of our retail partner store locations

Note that although Cloud b is a global brand, distributors only ship toys to their own respective countries. For instance, on this site we sell our products only to customers within the US. Finding a web site that offers to ship your order to both the US and UK, or that offers to ship your order to the US from China for example, should raise a red flag. 

Be wary of web sites that offer Cloud b or other brands at deep discounts, often more than 50% below MSRP. If you are offered a Cloud b toy at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Be especially careful when purchasing on,, these sites offer unknown, unregulated 3rd parties the chance to list products for sale without any verification and often may not be offering genuine Cloud b products for sale.

Be aware that any product you purchase overseas, even through a US intermediary such as for example, is not subject to our country’s product safety laws. Also, by making a purchase overseas you may have no legal recourse under our country’s consumer protection laws against the seller: on the contrary under our country’s laws you may become personally liable for the safety of the product. The act of importing a foreign toy in our country will make you personally liable for its fitness for use by babies and children. 

You can find an authorized Cloud b dealer near you using our store locator.


Tips on Identifying Counterfeit Cloud b Products

Genuine Cloud b products include the following:

1.)    Boxes/ Packaging
         Official Cloud b logo – Picture of old and new logo 

Old Cloud b Logo 

Cloud b Trademarks:

  • Twilight Turtle
  • Twilight Ladybug
  • Twilight Sea Turtle
  • Cloud b
  • Helping Children Sleep
  • Where Good Sleep Begins
  • Sleep Sheep
  • Gentle Giraffe
  • Tranquil Turtle
    *Black and White or copied Star Guides are a sure sign that your product is a counterfeit.

2.)   Ears / paws / Antennas
Current designs are one piece – no tips/ no separate piece

Twilight Turtle Front Twilight Ladybug Front

3.)   Design of shell – Twilight product – Each Twilight has a unique shell  - Picture of each shell
Scalloped edge-(Twilight Turtle)
Oval Shape – (Twilight Sea Turtle)
Scoop edge-(Twilight Ladybug)   

Twilight Turtle Shell Twilight Sea Turtle Shell Twilight Ladybug Shell

4.)   Quality of workmanship
Fabric does not come apart from Twilight shell easily
Plastic shells are not brittle
Fabric is soft.  (Many counterfeit fabrics are coarse in nature)
Shell colors are bright with shiny top coat
Selection buttons are held firmly in place.  Buttons do not fall into the shell
Sewn construction is solid.  No holes in seams or loose threads
No sharp edges around the shell
No sharp plastic shards on the surface of the shell

5.)   Buttons
Distinct buttons on all items – Pictures of buttons

Twilight Turtle Buttons Twilight Ladybug Buttons

6.) Color palette
All products have specific Cloud b colors – Pictures of all colored twilights

Twilight Turtle Classic Twilight Turtle Purple  Twilight Turtle Blue

Twilight Ladybug Classic Twilight Ladybug Pink Twilight Ladybug Green

Twilight Sea Turtle

7.) Lights
Note each color light in each unit

  • Twilight Turtle: Amber / Green / Blue
  • Twilight Ladybug: Red / Green /Blue
  • Twilight Sea Turtle: Blue / Green 

8.) Price
If you find a Cloud b product or lookalike online at a price substantially lower than the price of the same item on the Cloud b website, there is a good possibility the product is counterfeit.

Following are a few pictures of counterfeits.  If you see or accidentally purchase one of these products please contact us at

Fake Honey

Fake Merry Turtle

Fake Stars Shine Ladybug


Protecting Yourself Online

There are sites on the web that misuse the good reputation of the Cloud b brand to trick users into buying counterfeit products, download viruses and malware, or try to steal your personal information and credit card information.

It’s important to be vigilant online and always be attentive to the web site you are visiting. Never give your personal information to a site you don’t trust.

There are some steps you can take to minimize risks online:


Trust Your First Impression

Take a look at the language used on the site and the quality of the design. Many suspect sites are put together quickly using images stolen from reputable sites. Beware of sites that have many spelling and grammar mistakes.

See if the site has a clear privacy policy and that there is obvious contact information. Reputable sites will often publish a physical address and a telephone number so you can contact them if you have any questions, or if you need to return the product.

If you have any doubt at all, don’t give the site your information.


Use an Up To Date Browser and Trust Its Warnings

We recommend that you use the latest versions of FirefoxSafari or Chrome browsers and that you apply any updates when they are released.

Your browser will offer warnings when it suspects that you are on a suspicious site. You should only give personal information, such as credit card numbers, to sites that encrypt information before passing it over the internet.

For example, when you visit a secure section of this web site using the Firefox browser, our domain name is highlighted and the http: at the start of our url changes to https: (‘s’ stands for ‘secure’). That way you know that your personal information is protected.

You can find out more information about the security features of your browser at:

Investigate the Site’s Reputation

Carry out some research on the site before you commit to entering any information. Search for the site on Google or Wikipedia to see if other people have written about their experiences in using the site.

Report Counterfeit Goods

If you suspect that you have purchased counterfeit or fake Cloud b products, please email us, or call us at 310-781-3833. 

More Information is a US Government web site dedicated to stopping counterfeit and fake goods. You can read what you can do to stop counterfeiters at: