• Best for New Borns

    Cloud b’s mission as the baby sleep specialist is to give the gift of sleep to newborn babies and their familie.

  • Fear of the dark

    Toddlers and children may not rest well for many reasons, such as fear of the dark, feeling lonely, or struggling to transition to sleep time.

  • My Best Friend

    Cloud b’s cuddly companions will change the way kids associate with sleep.  Our products are not just cuddly and adorable but they have secret powers to help calm and soothe children to sleep.

Tranquil turtle veilleuse musicale tortue bleue

Transform your child’s room into a peaceful oasis

Tranquil Turtle will help soothe your child’s senses at bedtime, providing gentle soothing lights and sounds. The light projector creates a serene underwater light effect with softly undulating waves. It also includes two calming sounds: a gentle melody or gentle ocean waves. The adjustable brightness and an auto shut-off function also benefit the child by creating an optimal sleep environment recommended by sleep specialists.

Winner of the Infant Toy of the Year Award and national Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Tranquil Turtle will help calm newborn babies as well as reassure children who are afraid of the dark.

At Cloud b we take sleep very seriously

We are pioneers in the creation of products designed for the child’s well-being and optimal sleep, and we specialize in the development of sleep aids. At Cloud b, each product is validated by experts: pediatricians, family therapists, parents, and sleep specialists. Our collection of sound soothers and nightlights have received numerous awards from both professionals and parents.
Our products are designed to help calm and soothe children to fall asleep better. They are part of the bedtime routine to make it a pleasant and comforting moment. Our nightlights and cuddly sound soothers allow children to interact with them independently – by sound, sight, touch – and thus, to reassure themselves and fall asleep on their own, like a pro. With Cloud b, children see the night in a new light.

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